Khaki Trumpet Skirt

I found a remnant of this khaki colored denim at Hancock’s, and thought this pattern (Simplicity 2451, view B) would be perfect! I didn’t have quite enough fabric to cut out all the pieces, so I used a blue knit for the waistband, and a coordinating stripe (Walmart sheet) for the pockets (yay for pockets in skirts!) and waistband lining. The mishmash of colors actually turned out really well!

I did have to minimize the flare a bit to be able to cut all of the skirt pieces out of my fabric, so it’s a little less “trumpety” than the pattern, but I think that works, especially at this length. It is just a bit snug, so if I make this pattern again, I will probably go up a size.

The waistband is a little wonky since I used a stretch fabric, but I won’t wear a top tucked in with this (only for the pics!) so it won’t be seen. Neither will the (invisible) zipper, which is not invisible because the skirt ended up a little tighter than expected.

Overall, it turned out pretty well. It’s not perfect, but it is wearable, which is really all that matters 🙂

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