The Kate Top

I know everyone’s over the royal wedding at this point… but that’s where this idea came from (and thus the name of the post). When I saw Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, the first thought I had was, “That would be a really cute top in black.” So, when I found this black lace top at the Goodwill Outlet this summer, I snagged it up. (The top is all lace, and I’m wearing a black tank top underneath… it’s a little hard to tell in the pics.)

Here’s the before:

There were buttons at the back neckline that I left open for the pic. Luckily, the top didn’t have any shaping, so I turned it around, cut the “v” deeper, and took off the “turtleneck” piece, which I then used as binding around the neckline.

And, here’s the after:

It’s not an exact replica of the inspiration, since Kate’s has a scalloped lace finish in the “v” and is higher in the back, but the shape is pretty close, and I like how it turned out. It’s nice to finally have this vision I’ve had since April realized!

4 thoughts on “The Kate Top

  1. Hi! Visiting from sugar bee. Thats a great top! I love how you transformed it. Very pretty for sure! :)If you get a chance I would love for you to link this up to my Friday party going on now 🙂

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