Purse to Camera Case

Camera Case
Here’s my next camera-related project! Using the same fabric as I did from my camera strap, and a bit of craft foam left over from my shoe insoles, I transformed a thrifted purse into a new camera case!

I knew I wanted a purse big enough to hold my camera and all of its accessories, with a zipper closure, and that would go well with the fabric I had already purchased for the inserts. Plus, I didn’t want to spend very much on it. Luckily, I found this purse on 50% off day at Goodwill, so it was only $2.50!
Camera Case Inserts
I cut pieces of 1″ craft foam into rectangles to fit the bottom and (long) sides of the purse. Then, I sewed a casing that would fit all three pieces, inserted the foam, and sewed lines in between to keep them in place. Since the bottom of my purse is wider than the top, the insert forms sort of a triangular shape inside. So instead of measuring pieces for the short sides, I just covered two smaller pieces of foam to stuff into the gaps.
Camera and accessories to go into case
Here’s everything that I fit into the case:

  • the foam inserts
  • camera
  • instruction manual
  • wide angle lens (in black bag)
  • lens hood
  • USB cable
  • remote
  • extra batteries

Inside Camera Case
And here it is all packed up! The smaller accessories fit into the pockets in the lining (you can see the USB cable peeking out), so I still have the outside pocket free to carry anything else I need.

3 thoughts on “Purse to Camera Case

  1. Thanks for the great tutorial and photos. I love the great purse you found!! I’ve been looking for one recently too, but I’m not having any luck. Now I need two, one as a purse and another as a camera bag!

    1. That usually seems to happen to me, when you’re looking for something you can’t find it. I still can’t believe I found this one! Good luck with your purse hunt!

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