c’est la vie


I’m not totally sure what inspired this project… probably a bunch of different things on Pinterest, including graphic tees and sharpie projects. I was originally planning on trying this with a regular sharpie, but after a bit of research, decided I’d be better off getting an actual fabric marker. JoAnn’s had a pretty big selection. I just got a black chisel tip marker like this.

I found this sweatshirt at Target (it’s actually sleepwear) and liked the cut. After washing it, I stuck my cardboard cutting board (covered in a plastic bag) inside, and measured across the front. I found a font I liked and set up a page in Illustrator to the size I’d measured to get the right font size. I printed it out, cut out the letters, and roughly traced around them with the fabric marker. I filled in all the letters, and then went back over some of the areas that were a little lighter. Here’s an in-progress shot to show the steps (The printed letters are on the right. My printer was low on ink, hence the ombre effect):


I let it dry overnight, and wore it the next day! The paint is nice and flexible, and the little odor it had wet disappeared once it was dry.

I have since (after I took these pics) washed it again, and the paint faded a little to more of a dark grey than black, and looks more like part of the fabric, though you can still feel the painted area. I am curious to see how it would work on a thinner material, so one of these days I might try that out, and I’ll let you know how it works.


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