Mini Kitchen Update


The kitchen in my apartment is tiny, and obviously hasn’t been updated since the seventies. There’s no natural light, and it was just kind of depressing and dingy. I had seen this idea on pinterest awhile ago to use contact paper to transform a counter-top with contact paper, so when I saw this granite contact paper at the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago, I decided to try it out.

Here you can see the old yellow countertop, and some of the spots where the finish has worn off, with a roll of the contact paper I used:


I used 5 rolls to cover my countertops, and have some large pieces left over. It’s certainly not perfect, as I did get some wrinkles in a few spots, but since I have a tiny kitchen, the countertops are mostly covered with all the things I can’t fit in drawers and cabinets anyway. Most of the counterspace you see below is normally occupied with a dish rack.


I decided to hang up my measuring cups and spoons on this rack (also from the Dollar Tree, in the closet organizing aisle) so they’re easier to find and grab (though only the ones with pretty big holes fit – my other set of measuring spoons doesn’t work on this). It’s not the cutest solution, but it works and was quick and easy!


I also added some Dollar Tree chalk labels to my canisters and used a circle punch to get the small round one for my cinnamon simple syrup (I love this stuff in tea lattes!). I was super excited to find a chalk pen in the Target Dollar Spot (They tend to be kind of expensive and hard to find). In case you’re interested, the canisters are from Bed, Bath and Beyond, and the oil/vinegar bottle I use for the simple syrup is from Walmart.

So, $8 later, my kitchen is a much brighter, happier place to be! It’s really amazing how much of a difference the cool-toned contact paper made! So far, it’s holding up great, and it is removable, so I’ll be able to take it off when I move out.

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