DIY Thumb Tack Wreath

DIY Thumb Tack Wreath | Zovie Style

I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of this, but I recently found thumb tacks and a wreath form at the Dollar Tree and decided to put them together! Here’s what I got:

DIY Thumb Tack Wreath | Zovie Style

I wasn’t sure how many boxes of tacks I would need, so I started out with 2. I ended up needing 7 to cover the whole thing. I started out placing the tacks in clusters, but later decided that I liked the look of it better more in rows. I don’t have an in-progress photo, so hopefully I can explain it well enough. I started by placing tacks in a row going around the center of the wreath form, until I had a full circle. I kept working in circles, overlapping the tacks slightly to cover the form, and hold the earlier rows in place. The rows did get uneven, but I just kept working in the same direction until the whole form was covered. When I got to the last row, I stuck the tacks through glue dots before placing them on the form to keep everything secure.

DIY Thumb Tack Wreath | Zovie Style

I tied a string around the wreath to clip the flower onto, and added a wide ribbon for hanging. (It’s pretty heavy with all that metal, so a sturdy ribbon is a necessity!) I wanted to keep the colors neutral so it wouldn’t be overly holiday-ish, but both can be easily changed. This definitely isn’t a fast project – it took several evenings of TV-watching to place all the tacks, but I really like how it turned out!

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