New Camera Bag

I recently upgraded my DSLR camera. I found a good deal on a Canon Rebel T5, and took the opportunity to upgrade to a newer, lighter, faster camera. I decided to make a new camera bag to go with it. My old camera bag was a purse that I made some foam inserts for, but I wanted to sew the whole thing this time. I looked around online, but didn’t really find anything like what I was looking for, so I made this up as I was going. (It’s loosely based on my dad’s camera case.)

I was a little worried about how the black vinyl would sew up, but it worked out fine (the layers just got a little thick in a few places). So there’s a vinyl hand strap on top, and a longer adjustable fabric strap attached with D-rings. I put a zip pocket in the back to keep small things accessible (like the lens cap).

The top flap has a magnetic clasp. There are vinyl flaps underneath with a velcro closure to keep everything secure.

The inside has two small pocket in the back to hold accessories, like the battery charger.

Camera Bag | Zovie Style

Here it is with the camera inside. It’s hard to see, but it fits really well! I also made a new matching cross-body camera strap using my tutorial!

I used a couple of pieces of plastic in the front and bottom for stability. It is padded with some 1″ foam on the bottom, and the other pieces have layers of leftover blackout curtain lining and batting.

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