Plantain Tee

Plantain Tee | Zovie Style

I downloaded the free Plantain Tee pattern from Deer & Doe a long time ago, and finally made it up!

Plantain Tee | Zovie Style

The pattern is fitted at the shoulders, and flares out at the hips. I wanted an extra loose, flowy top, so I graded up a size at the hips, and added some length to the bottom with a curved hem (longer in the back than the front). I also added 3/4″ to the length of the long sleeves, and left off the elbow patches.

Plantain Tee | Zovie Style

You can tell in the back view that the fabric is a little sheer. It’s nice and lightweight, and I love that the sleeves are loose enough to be able to push them up (a feature I appreciate in all my long-sleeve shirts; it makes them much more versatile, and you can avoid getting them wet when you wash your hands!).

Plantain Tee | Zovie Style

Overall, this is a great pattern. It’s quick and easy to sew, and the fit is great! I’ll definitely keep this pattern in my stash for the future!

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