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Decluttering: Kitchen Items

Today, I’m decluttering kitchen items that I have in storage. I am currently living with my parents, so I don’t need my own kitchen stuff right now, but I am keeping some things in storage for when I am able to move out. These boxes were in a storage unit that I’m emptying (it’s mostly full of furniture that I’ll be selling), and I wanted to go through them again before moving them into the crawl space under my parents’ house.

I was able to get the 6 big boxes down to 4, which is pretty good. I know I will be able to downsize some more once I move out and actually unpack these boxes, but decluttering things you aren’t currently using is a little tricky. Striking the right balance between storing things or having to replace them later isn’t easy, but I at least got rid of the things I know I’ll want to replace anyway, and some things I know I won’t miss.

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